10 Ways To Save The Game In Chess

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  1. for the game you played, even if they did move the queen to save the rook, wouldn't you just need to move F1 for a check then your rook to D8 for a mate?

    sorry if this sounds stupid, i'm just a beginner in chess but would that not have worked?

  2. on the first one he could better do to bisschop 5d

  3. My phone just fell above my lip, it fucking hurts

  4. Situation 6 wont rlly work for me as i rarely get en passant and even if i got ten passant i just wont notice it.

  5. is bxc3 better for situation #10 rather than taking back the queen immediately? you get a pawn back but gives the opponent a chance to develop the knight. Is it better? I honestly don't know

  6. Much respect for you, really caring about us🥰

  7. i was familiar with all of those patterns

  8. I only really win because of the time running out and me getting the most points 😔

  9. 3:40 as a 600 elo I would feel bad to play this move because my night would be trapped,EDITE: 13:24 he can just push his king to b1 instead of taking the pawn, if you take his pawn he take with his pawn and you are trapped again! Wow I feel like I'm GM right now 😅

  10. it was a really good video, it helped me a lot keep making more of these

  11. Thanks. I saved the game. Also, you can use a bishop instead of a queen . (This is for example 1, the one with the lower rated player). subscribed

  12. great ideas and insights! thanks for this video!

  13. 15:42 take the pawn on c3? still check so you actually dont lose material that way

  14. Very common real life problems.. and very useful tips and solutions. Tricks that I never knew could be for these forks n traps. Thanks a lot bro. Gonna download it for archive.

  15. @3:55 you could move bishop on c1 to g5 to make him move away from his queen.

  16. The thing is when I play chess. I focus so much on the timer so when I am 1 second lower in timer I rush immediately so I make blunders more

  17. Him: now we can move our knight to safety. move’s the knight in front of the black queen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. at 3:13 you could have also gone to g5 with bishop attacking the queen and ofc the queen can just move but ur pieces are more advanced and then u can trade knight for bishop

  19. Just a note, at 15:32, if white blocks with the pawn, eat the free pawn. You still check and can perform the rest of the trick 😉

  20. Bro situation 5 happened to me and i resigned now i know how to save myself ty

  21. 3:24 black can capture the knight with the bishop and they will gain a pawn right?

  22. 400 elo rapid gamer here, thanks for the video

  23. I changed 2 pawns and rook for bishop, but then I traped the queen

  24. In situation 2 cant you move your bishop to threaten the queen?

  25. 1:30 I’m rated 500 in bullet and 250 in rapid and I found this in 4 seconds : ) (I mostly play 60, 30, and 20|1 in bullet)

  26. I subscribed because of this, just started chess November 2022 nc tip nro

  27. In situation #7 you can just castle queen side, preventing the fork, and attacking the knight ♞

  28. i instantly saw q f3, im an 800…. so, what rating was that person?

  29. 2:34 POV: your bishop is in b5, your b1 knight is dead and enemy queen forks the king and the bishop:

  30. Would Bg5 be a better move, cause it attacks the queen?

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