#1 Shortcut to Improve FAST | Middlegame Chess Strategy

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you a simple actionable idea that will help you improve in chess immediately. He will show you the most effective thinking process while playing a chess game and will show exactly how you can do the same to apply in your own practical games.

This simple, yet very strong idea, is what’s the difference between strong chess players or grandmasters and amateur/intermediate players. After watching this video lesson, you will learn how strong players find the best moves and win their games.

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 A simple idea to improve in chess
00:18 Little test for you
01:14 Benefits of attacking your opponent
02:18 Your motto in a chess game
02:49 Game: Morphy vsΒ McConnell
04:30 How would you play here as White?
06:11 Keep attacking your opponent
07:55 GM Igor’s incident with GM Victor Bologan
09:12 Black’s pieces remain on the 1st rank
09:48 Can you find the best move for White?
10:32 How can Black win here?
11:27 Attack with forcing moves
12:52 Conclusion: Keep punching
13:21 Secrets of Strong Chess Players

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  1. This is the single most informative chess video I have ever watched. All other lessons so far have done me just about no good in improving my game. I am now actively looking for these moves and taking them even if they are not always the best. Thank you and keep it up !!!

  2. At the end knight to d8 is a checkmate

  3. 12:52 wouldn’t it be Kd8 i am new to chess 550 elo but I’m pretty sure it is a checkmate

  4. I would argue the bishop to f1 was a stronger defensive position

  5. i feel this example is very irrelevent coz there is alot of emphasis on not moving the queen in early stages and this whole game focuses on attacking the queen, now i know what he is trying to say that we should always attack but rather use a more realistic example for an analysis where we can relate to it like with a common opening where these sort of things usually happen not show us an example that might never happen

  6. Awesome advice! Love Tals offensive style and this really helps

  7. I think I start to lose brain cells because my brain knows it’s a real person

  8. Quite intersting – most of these moves were also in my head. My ELO is 1400.

  9. The move for black to win was queen d2 to b4 which wouldve corned the king into checkmate. i think, (still memorizing how the grid works) im unsure of if whites queen could have moved forward to defend in that siuation but even if so he didnt have very much defense since he went so hard on offenseπŸ˜… it wouldve only take. One or 2 moves more. Im pretty new to chess lol so if im wrong feel free to correct me

  10. I think Qb4 was the wining move for black.

  11. Hai GM uncle I am a 12 year old kid but I predicted the all moves thou US but a I am still a 1000 rated player can you give advice through a video to get stronger πŸŽ‰ I am begging

  12. For black QB4+

    For the last move if he had played KC6 it would be checkmate on the next move with ND8#

  13. Every time I try to do this, I do it wrong and leave my pieces open to captures. For example, I attack the queen and the queen gives me a check and forks my undefended knight. The difference here where I still found all the correct moves was that Morphy's pieces were all tied together so well. Everything defended and the pieces just fed off of their great placement. I think the message here is to attack but not with reckless abandon.

    It's so easy to find good moves when I'm following a video but when I'm the one moving the pieces, there's nobody there to guide me to the correct answer.

  14. How I wish I could soon become a student of yours….you have an amazing way of explaining tactics.😊

  15. my elo jumped so high when i learned pirc, czech, and sicillian defense.

  16. This video has explained me why in high level matches often players don't captured pieces (and why at 600 elo it keeps happen πŸ˜…).
    Thank you very much for this great teaching, now I'll try to do when I play.

  17. I would check the King using the Queen and win the horse

  18. Excellent lesson. Resulted in an immediate change in the way I think of each move. Grabbed a black win right after watching. Thank you.

  19. The video is very good, thanks. But the title is clickbait. There is no shortcut to improve fast.

  20. Nice,,,πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  21. Still trying to work out what the move was at 10.45 πŸ™ˆ

  22. The answer is Qxe5 because you threaten the unprotected knight on e4 and threaten the rook

  23. l have been playing chess since a young age . Until now , l didn't know any openings and tactics . l used to always keep pressure on my enemies with mindset of taking their pieces . But l used to get demolished . See , this middle game tactic only applies when you are intermediate or advanced player . At first , you will need to have some basic concepts of chess . You need to think about your opponent moves more than making your move . lf you keep attacking your opponent blindly , you will get defeated easily . So you need to attack tactically which needs good experience .

  24. I don't believe in shortcuts ,I believe in hardwork

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