1 opening is all you need for black: King’s Indian

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00:54 Game 1
11:07 Game 2
17:32 Game 3
36:12 Game 4
45:22 Game 5

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  1. Fantastic! Love yer humor! Great instruction, you rock!

  2. How come you can't use this against e4? E4 is like the most common opening?

  3. I think everyone who played Indian Just wanted to be Bobby😂

  4. Is the narrator a sub-1600 player ? Perhaps I misunderstand the number on the screen ?

  5. Oop, I see Alex is an IM; why the low number on the screen ?

  6. "As long as there's a hole, there's a goal" -Alex

  7. 15:50 "these are the kinda games that you're struggling to beat?" LOL

  8. Is there any books related to kings indian as black

  9. greatly waited-for video. I really hope you make a few vids on the kings indian, same as you did with the Caro. Most instructive, thanks

  10. Thanks for the interesting video Alex. It seems to me, though, that, as these are instructional videos, and you have to spend a lot of time explaining the ideas, wouldn't it be better to play with an increment? At least it would reduce the possibility of losing on time, as you did in this video.

  11. Hello,
    I would like a course about the King's indian attack with white pieces
    Exactly like this video.
    I'd apreciate your Speedrun !
    Thank you

  12. others entertain or go so deep i fall asleep , you are the perfect mix of both , i absorb more from your games , bravo

  13. Great games Alex. was looking for an London opening vs King's indian

  14. from having okay ish games with Kings Indian everything just makes sense now.. great video

  15. Nice videos so far. Thinking about subscribing yet. Unspotted free queen was remarkably great )

  16. Hi, I'm not sure, maybe you already have this one, but could you consider the same kind of video with the accent on the same pawn break but for Pirc, because I was playing it but every time I was doing pawn break, it always was wrong one, I felt so stupid that I just stopped playing it, so if you could I think any Pirc player would appreciate, thanks

  17. Alex, the Chess spoke for itself and you also. You have an amazing manner of presentation. You are the total package and I will enjoy watching your channel grow while learning from you at the same time.

  18. So much to learn on this channel. Improved my understanding of openings by a lot, thanks.

  19. At 15:42 white could have castled queenside and won back the piece with rd8+ kg7 rxc8 after the exchanges on e5. More precise was 11…nc6.

  20. This rating range is perfect (for me at least haha) watching you crush 1200s in 5 moves is fun but not as instructive for me at 1600, thank you!!

  21. I love you bro!!! Thank you so much!!!! I realty needed this. I'm learning the KID and pirc and that's all I play. I appreciate you

  22. Does anyone has the link to the Niemann game that Alex mentions in the video?

  23. In the last game why did you move your king to g8 rather than h8? Since you had the dark square bishop and he didn't, h8 seems safer to me (no tactics later on) is it just more principled to centralize the king in the case of an endgame? Or is there more going on?

  24. I mean that dude was obviously cheating no?

  25. Do you have a video tailored to pawn breaks in general? I can usually work out if it is immediately bad or not, but struggle with the long term play of these moves as they can quite drastically change the position.

  26. This is interesting. I always thought if center locked attack king side and if open I just lose lol

  27. Alex , if possible try making a video tutorial on grunfeld someday if u haven't made one yet

  28. What up Alex! The YouTube GOAT!Question: how does one watch you live? And yes I am a boomer.

  29. Hi Alex, i really like your content and The Way you Teach, i really like The Kings indian since it was my first serious opening with Black, hope to see more of your chess content! 😊

  30. 15:36 long castle by white and you will also lose the white squares bishop, then your knight and other rook will be more stucked than his other rook and bishop…

  31. really thank you, some time ago i asked you about teaching us what to do when white doesnt open with e5 and here you go, i don't know if it's just a coincence or you actually saw my comment but thank you very much 🙏

  32. Funny, brilliant, attractive, Romanian. I suppose three out of four ain't bad.

  33. Cool 1hr video with good games that give insight to my fav and first opening i learned. Helped me understand it more and play better.

    Now requesting video playing against kings indian defense, and playing kings indian attack as white.


  34. hi alex kindly make something against fienchetto variation in kings indian

  35. Excellent job Master! You was reading my mind because i was close to ask you about a good defense against d4, and you did it. xD Thanks

  36. "You don't have the YouTube money to pay your opponents to blunder in 10 moves." — These sayings are why you are headed to legendary streamer status in a few years.

  37. You know what I’ve been playing the kings Indian and thank you so much for explaining the A5 move is to create a strong outpost for your knight on the queen side I’ve never understood before but it makes complete sense can’t wait to start using this in these positions.

  38. you are entertaining. when I did the kings Indian, they pushed the pawns on the king side, scared the & out of me hard pressed. So what is the answer to slowing that down. White did nnot castle.

  39. At the 1400-1500 level I regularly crush King's Indian by trading off the dark squared bishops, castling queen side, and pushing king side pawns. It's very difficult to defend. Up until around 1000 elo I played King's Indian as black, but I also got regularly crushed in under 10 moves. It's a very difficult opening to play, and higher level players make it look playable.

    I'm usually happy to see players play KI. Alex of course makes it look easy, but mid-level players and below beware…

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