1 Hour Beginner Chess Lesson with TierZoo

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GothamChess gives a lesson on openings, middlegame strategy, and endgame conversion to @TierZoo.

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  1. He's pretty good at teaching chess, he could do that professionally.

  2. Venya enjoyed your effort to entertain with hanging ornaments from the pine.

  3. "ive played a few rounds of the puzzle rush" and levy just tries to hold in his laughter XD I mean he's like a 2700, to him a couple rounds of puzzle rush is pitiful but he also understands that he's talking to an 800 elo player who doesnt dedicate his life to chess and chess social media

  4. Me: "Let's see what's new on YouTube."
    Gotham/TierZoo Collab
    What a weirdly specific combination of my interests 😂

  5. the moment when he said "oh the rook" realising the combination wins the a8 rook I felt his enthusiasm. I got high off his high. I remeber feeling like that when solving easy tactics. To be fair I still feel like this, but now it's just part of the grind 🙂

  6. I think SaI is above BlurryFace, but both of them are overrated, especially Stressed Out

  7. Levy thanks for being patient with us beginners. You don't sound irritated or condescending and you provide information in a concise way, while emphasizing that there is nuance to every concept! You are an awesome teacher!

  8. 6:15 why don't they just castle? Then they are defending that square and castling.. 2 birds with 1 stone.

  9. Wonderful lesson! I'm fairly new to chess and just about 800 myself. I got into Levys videos a while ago and always liked the loud and entertaining style. But boy am I surprised he is a great teacher as well! Calm and motivating at the same time!

  10. Your videos made me the best kid playing chess in my family

  11. "Have you heard that before?" "Yeah" "exactly right." Idk why but this interaction made me cackle lol

  12. When levy said close to half a million, that really hit me

  13. Im just a begginer but u explained bad the "square rule", you dont need to be inside the square, if you r just touching it u also get in time

  14. Tierzoo and gothemchess. The most ambitious crossover since the mcu

  15. Levy thank you so much for share this lessons! I am still far from 800 but you help me learn so much, with your charisma and fun!
    ❤❤❤from the Europe’s Capital (aka Brussels, Belgium).

    Looking forward for the release of your book 📖! 🎉🎉🎉

  16. That was a outstanding chess lesson. I keep that one in me playlist.

  17. What makes Gotham such good teacher is his patience with other players.

  18. at 26:03 , is QxD4 check, d4, ne4 check a bad line? this is what i was thinking of before he discussed castling to stop Nxc2, but i didn’t know if this was better or still good?

  19. 44:30 even if he blocked with the rook, couldn't the queen still mate with e1?

  20. I love this video. I am a beginner and i learn a lot.

  21. Watched the whole video without even forwarding once and it's safe to say I learned a lot.

  22. The debate continues between bishop or knight being worth more. This could be an entire video on JUST that discussion.

  23. We need BLINDFOLD Tutorialllllllllllllllllllllll

  24. I play. Just part of U.S. STEM. Not very good. Always got a lot going on. Stack of paperwork keeps building up. 800 or so rating. 1st tournament 2001.

  25. You are so sweet and supportive, what a wonderful teacher!

  26. I actually got a lot out of this video, are there any more like this?

  27. U just save me 30 dollar a course 😂 thanks alot i learn so much 😊 👍👌

  28. After Qf7 can white play Qxb7 threatening the rook and a royal fork

  29. 26:30 you could take the paw because you can get a royal fork if they take ur pawn and fork u and ur rook

  30. At 19:20 what about kb5, it checks the king, you can trade knights ang attack b7 pawn

  31. Welcome new chess fans! This is one of many beginner-friendly videos on my channel. Feel free to subscribe, I post 1-2 videos a day 🙂

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