Chess game ideas

One of the key factors separating beginners from experienced players is having a repertoire. In this article, we’ll share with you some efficient chess game ideas. You can use them in your own play and, by that, quickly improve your skill.

Chess game ideas

Best tactical ideas

It’s important to remember the basics. So don’t forget to apply pins, forks, skewers, and other typical tricks that are extremely common. However, today we will suggest some less trivial moves. Here they are:

  • Rook lift. This kind of tactic suggests the following thing. You move this piece off the initial rank to a place past its pawns. Players of all ranks employ this maneuver both for aggressive and defensive purposes. Also, sometimes it is helpful if you plan to develop the rook. For instance, it can happen when castling isn’t desirable or possible.
  • Counting attackers and defenders. This is a highly useful tool when it comes to planning ahead. Also, count the general number of pieces left on the board for each player. If you’re a minority, it isn’t the best moment to put yourself at risk. Instead, defend your pieces more properly. But remember about the value of the pieces. Some chessmen are much more important and dangerous than others.
  • The given technique belongs to an endgame and can easily cause a draw. If you’re behind in material and try to prevent the loss, employ this idea. Form an area of protection that the rival won’t be able to penetrate. This maneuver belongs to passive defense and can be used at all levels of play.

An important addition to chess game ideas

A crucial element of this logical game is calculation. Any concept that’s missing this part becomes ineffectual and hollow. You need to work out your way to the rival’s king or weak point. Many losses and poor chess performances occur due to bad calculations. So remember to think through your moves and assess the opponent’s situation. Looking for a chess community? Join chess clubs in Nashville, TN today.


All the chess game ideas we’ve listed above should be utilized in an appropriate situation. Pay attention to your opponent’s positioning and evaluate your strength as precisely as possible. It will increase your chances to apply these tactical maneuvers successfully.